About the Company

Effective Investments Company was founded in 2007. It is the corporate centre for the enterprises of different industries and businesses: coal mining, machine building, agriculture, paper industry & construction.

Production facilities of these enterprises are located both in Lugansk region and the city of Zhytomyr with the headquarters in Kiev and Lugansk. The Company deals with the customers within and outside Ukraine including both the CIS & foreign markets.

Chairman of the Board of Effective Investments Company – Igor Liski.

CEO – Oleg Vityk.


In 2002 in Lugansk a united centre of group control for the companies in mining, minerals processing and machine building industries was in the beginning of its development.

Over the next 5 years, the business profile of Effective Investments Company has expanded to a nationwide level.

The areas of interest cover construction, machine building, sales & rental of construction equipment and agriculture.


In 2007 the corporate centre “Effective Investments” was created in order to optimize the assets control. 

The strategic vector of the Company development was specified as the fundraising into Ukrainian economy as well as the implementation of major investment projects. 

International Cooperation

Entry into the international market is another competitive advantage of Effective Investments Company. Based on the principles of openness to run business and operating under the international financial reporting standards, the Company even today raises the foreign investment into Ukraine.