We see our mission in creation, i.e. in successful development of Ukrainian companies in strategic industries for Ukraine.

To do this, we raise foreign & domestic investment, cooperate with world leading companies and use the best practices in production and management introducing new technologies.

We are convinced that the implementation of high potential of Ukrainian companies and ensuring their strong positions in international markets are both the keys not only to a successful business, but also to the social and economic recovery of Ukraine.


Efficiency. Our goal is to achieve impressive results in the shortest possible time making the most of the existing resources. Engaging the partners around the world, our Company is able to apply the most advanced manufacturing solutions, management practices & technologies.

Teamwork. Our power is in our professional and dedicated team of ambitious & creative people. We know for sure that we can achieve common goals only by uniting the efforts of all the Company’s staff. We support our employees and create environment for them to grow with the Company.

Openness. Our Company adheres to the principles of fair market competition. We work openly and transparently with our investors, partners, customers & society.

Responsibility. We fulfil the promises made to our investors. We always keep the agreements arranged with our business partners. We produce competitive products of high-quality. We are aware of our responsibility to our staff and the regions of our business operations – the Company sees its aim in creation of comfortable and safe environment for the employees’ well-being and prosperity.

The main idea for us is to implement our values in daily practice, every hour and at every workplace.