Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory LLC

Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory LLC makes top three leaders in Eastern Europe & the CIS in production of the egg trays, paper, cardboard, corrugated board and corrugated packaging. The Factory was established on the basis of the former Zhytomyr Paper Mill, which used to be the leading cardboard producer in the USSR.

In 2005 Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory was completely upgraded and renovated. New modern equipment was purchased and production workshops were reconstructed & refurbished.

In 2012 Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory LLC launched new line to produce eco-friendly egg trays. High-tech equipment was manufactured and installed by Hartmann (Denmark). New production line Hatmnann 420 is more modern and energy-efficient which have made it possible for the Company to expand its products range as well as to increase the plant yield.

Production capacity of the line which complies to the world environmental & energy-efficient standards makes 8,000,000 egg trays per month. In Ukraine the investment project to introduce Hartmann line was implemented for the first time ever.

In 2013 the Factory commenced production of the new type egg trays. This product is representing the Hartmann trays series, being developed to endure the premium quality protection of eggs for long-distance transportation by motor vehicles or marine vessels. Its unique dimensions, tray shape & the covering lid ensure more cost-efficient logistics without eggs breakage.

At present time Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory LLC produces more than 100,000,000 production units per year. Corrugated board is the basis for producing eco-friendly packaging and unit packing for diversified industries.

More than 500 professionals are engaged in production & sales of products of Zhytomyr Cardboard Factory LLC.

Official web site - http://cardboard.com.ua