Ukraine Energy 

Ukraine Energy is a leading Ukrainian company with solid expertise in energy and resource efficiency. We provide strategical solution focus, innovative approach and exceptional customer service in the field of energy audit and energy management. 

Ukraine Energy is a division of Effective Investments LLC.

Through a solution and value focus, coupled with key strategic partnerships we aim to deliver on our mission - enhancing economic value in Ukraine through energy efficiency and performance optimization. 

The company provides such servises to its clients:

  • Gas trading 
  • Energy audit
  • Performance-and-commissioning works
  • Modernization of burners
  • Modernization of the automatic process control system (APCS)
  • Engineering
  • Equipment supply and installation
  • Commissioning works

Association of Energy Auditors of Ukraine recommends that the public and commercial enterprises cooperate with Ukraine Energy in matters of energy audits of industrial enterprises: thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, metallurgical enterprises.

Website of Ukraine Energy