Lismash LLC took part in the investment programme of Public Join-Stock Company "Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works"


May 21, 2014 

Lisichansk Machine Building Plant has produced metal structures for the blast furnace of Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works, PJSC (ISD Corporation).

The volume of the manufactured structures for the blast furnace right field amounted to 200 tonnes.
Metal structures were produced under the programme of technological upgrade & development of Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works – the “Reconstruction of blast furnace No.1”. The programme is a part of a comprehensive plan of investment projects on technical re-equipment in Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works, for which the fabrication of metal structures was a technologically complex and serious process.

The metal structures were produced in a short period of time and delivered ahead of schedule. Timely delivery and high quality of the structures with no technical remarks from the customer has allowed to receive a fabrication order at the facilities the air ducts to Lismash which total 137 tonnes.
Thus, Lismash LLC continued its business cooperation with Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works, PJSC, which is the leading Ukrainian metallurgical enterprise.